Workforce Solutions

Staff Augmentation Partner

Comcentia is driven to provide an excellent service that will translate into tangible value for our clients. Therefore, in addition to providing DevOps and Enterprise System Integration services, we also offer workforce solutions, including staff augmentation and project management services.

Staff Augmentation

You may want to have dedicated experts to maintain your systems or troubleshoot everyday issues in a timely manner, but don’t have sufficient staff. This is where Comcentia’s outsourced Staff Augmentation services come in. Our team of recruiters and pipeline of highly qualified candidates can be called upon to resolve any technical challenges you might have. Our consultants report to your facility every day, but they do so as Comcentia employees; this saves you the obligations involved with carrying another full-time employee on your payroll. 

We have resources to offer a wide range of technical skills including: 

  • Software and Web Development/Engineering 
  • Mainframe Programming 
  • Enterprise Systems Analysis and Integration 
  • Health IT 
  • Project Management 
  • Technical Support 
  • Desk and Technical Support 
  • Network Engineering and Administration 
  • Quality Assurance and Testing 
  • Systems Analysis 
  • Security 
  • Software Development and Engineering 
  • Application Development and Maintenance 
  • Database Design, Development and Administration 
  • Helpdesk 


Comcentia has more than a decade of experience providing staff augmentation services to businesses and government agencies.  Over the years, we have built a robust pipeline of highly qualified candidates, including W2 and 1099 (freelance) individual contributors.  We have also developed relationships with US-based staffing and other third-party firms to quickly fill hard-to-fill positions nationwide.  We have partnered with highly competitive small and medium-sized contracting firms to build software development teams capable of tackling tough problems and come up to speed quickly. Because we are based in Wisconsin, Comcentia has access to outstanding software development talent from Chicago, Milwaukee, and Green Bay at hourly rates significantly lower than similar candidates from other areas of the US. Our quality technology staffing services help you achieve a nimble staffing strategy and keep your projects on schedule and on budget.

At Comcentia, we hire great software developers and give them the training, tools, and support they need to accomplish great things.  We also hire for and incentivize the development of high-performing, self-organizing teams.

Project Management

When your IT goals are large, complex, or cross-functional, you may need assistance planning, organizing and coordinating your projects. Comcentia’s skilled and experienced project managers can help you manage your IT projects and help you achieve your technology goals.