Integrity and Opportunity

At Comcentia we always pride ourselves in providing the best work environment possible for our employees. We continue to elevate our benefits and conditions to help foster an atmosphere of community and comradery that helps produce a fun and productive environment. We strive to create a workplace that our employees would love to be in and know that it is tailored to help them grow and achieve their personal goals.

Why Work for Comcentia?

Land a position with Comcentia, and you will enjoy a unique path to career fulfillment. As a Comcentia Employee, you will encounter the real-world challenges of leveraging technology to streamline the workflow and business processes of corporate and institutional clients. However, the best part is that you will be surrounded and supported by talented programmers, web developers, problem-solvers and project managers who can help you develop your skills, and ultimately grow with Comcentia.

Join Our Team

Comcentia’s projects require IT professionals who thrive in a dynamic, customer-focused environment. To stay relevant in today’s World of Technology, our team needs individuals proficient in the latest programming languages and development processes. If your experience includes working in flexible yet demanding results-oriented teams, then upload your resume. Thank you for your interest in joining the Comcentia Team!

For more information or to apply for a position at Comcentia please email your cover letter and resume to