Trusted Devops partner

Comcentia provides custom computer programming and applications support and maintenance designed to increase your organization’s ability to deliver applications and services faster than traditional software development processes.

Custom Computer Programming

 When you want to enhance the efficiency of a business process, Comcentia’s expert programmers can design an elegant, intuitive custom software solution that streamlines and optimizes the process and tracks performance. If your existing software supports part but not all of the process or does so with less-than-optimal efficiency, Comcentia can often develop a module for the existing application that provides the enhanced functionality you seek. We use development tools and JAVA tools.

Agile & SAFe Project Implementation

Comcentia has adopted the Agile approach for defining software development project requirements. At its core, Agile is a methodology for eliciting from the client their desired outcomes, functionality, and system behavior through a series of meetings and conversations that occur throughout the development process. This cadence of alternating meetings and development ensures that vague requirements are clarified during the development stage, reducing pain from requirements to implementation and ensuring your satisfaction with the end product. 

To scale Agile across the entire enterprise, we use Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®), the world’s leading framework for this approach. SAFE® integrates the latest thinking from Lean, Agile, and DevOps into a set of principles and practices that transform the culture and behavior of the entire enterprise. The result is greater alignment of personnel engaged in software solution development, to connect the business strategy to execution. This enables better business results, faster, and with a higher degree of predictability and quality. 

Enterprise Software Architecture

Enterprise software architecture refers to a structure or architecture developed to guide the growth and development of an enterprise’s information technology to position it optimally for the future. The enterprise software architect begins with mapping your current IT assets and understanding your business processes, strategy, and vision. Comcentia’s experienced enterprise software architects are experts at translating and expressing these business principles in an IT infrastructure that is simple, efficient, and agile and will enable your company’s evolution and growth.  

Testing & Evaluation

Testing & Evaluation (T&E) is the process by which a software system or components are compared against requirements and specifications through testing—it makes sure your software is working as intended. T&E may be done to assess software functionality, performance, security, usability, recovery, documentation, or other objectives, depending on the need. Comcentia is a proponent of doing testing & evaluation during system development as well afterwards development in an actual or simulated environment by typical users under realistic usage conditions.  

Modernization of Existing System

If you already have software to support your business processes but it’s not performing as well as you need it to, Comcentia can help you by integrating new software with your existing applications, providing the solution you seek without implementing a completely new system. We provide Application Development for enhancement, upgrade, or re-write of legacy system using modern software architecture and web enablement of legacy systems. 

Applications support & maintenance

Out of date and error-prone software is a major drain on your company’s productivity. Comcentia can support and maintain your custom and off-the-shelf enterprise IT applications so they perform as intended. We can manage your software updates on a schedule that works for you, resolve any bugs and errors on a priority basis, program preferences and options as needed, and program accurate user-friendly application-generated reports, all to keep your essential software systems running smoothly.  

Cloud Solution Support

Comcentia offers the option of moving your software to a cloud environment. Cloud computing is one of the most significant and advantageous technology shifts of this millennium, offering your business access to state-of-the art enterprise technology on a subscription basis. This allows your users to access it from anywhere and frees your employees from the inconvenience of maintaining in-house systems and hardware, allowing them to focus on more strategic initiatives. 

Comcentia has substantial expertise in installing, configuring, maintaining, and supporting cloud solutions on Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS) platforms and can help you determine the best solution for your needs. 

Custom On-Premises Platform Support

If your software resides on-premises rather than on a remote server or in the cloud–and this arrangement continues to serve your needs—Comcentia can support and maintain it for you, handling critical functions like troubleshooting, preventive maintenance and updates, backups, 24/7 help desk, and more.   

Performance Support

Comcentia is able to provide software end-users with the support they need to allow them to perform their jobs efficiently and effectively. Performance support can take the form of software enhancements, software optimization (making it faster, more responsive, and more user-friendly), or bullet-proofing the application and ensuring higher-level security.