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Our Approach

Achieving your objectives with Comcentia, Reusabil-IT and Extendabil-IT are always part of the upfront analysis

The IT industry has matured to the point where it is often valid to ask the question of whether it’s better to buy a packaged solution or develop a custom application or platform. At Comcentia, we have no preconceived preference. Your objectives and circumstances may point definitively one way or the other.

Then again, when Comcentia analyzes your unique circumstances, you may be enlightened to a third option that optimizes your return on past IT investments and meets your objectives more precisely and cost-efficiently, with less technological upheaval than anticipated. That’s because Comcentia approaches IT initiatives by first conducting an audit of your existing systems to determine whether portions of it are separable and of value in helping to meet your objectives.

In short, many Comcentia solutions follow a philosophy of buying proven programs or platforms, integrating existing technology and adding additional functionality through third-party plug-ins or custom programmed extensions to the system.

This approach of buying, integrating and extending not only saves money, but also produces a more robust solution and speeds implementation. By leveraging existing components, familiar interfaces can often be retained, making it easier for users to adapt to the new system.