Enterprise System Integration

Business Intelligence

Information is entwined in all facets of the business world. With Comcentia’s purposeful compilation, measurement and reporting, this data can be mined and analyzed to help you make more informed and insightful business decisions. We have vast experience in turning data from across an enterprise into actionable business intelligence, as well as expertise in integrating financial and operational applications such as:

  • e-Business and e-Commerce (B2B, B2C, e-Banking, etc.)
  • Payrolll
  • Billing
  • Logistics
  • Project Management

Business Process Optimization

Comcentia analyzes existing business processes and system integration to determine the most efficient use of your software and equipment resources. If your organization has outdated legacy systems and databases, contact Comcentia for purposeful Business Intelligence solutions.

Application Integration

Comcentia is the affordable choice for deploying and managing software applications, whether tried-and-true or customized just for you. When outsourcing to Comcentia, we will accelerate the delivery of new applications while giving your in-house IT staff the time they need to focus on your business processes. Comcentia can also manage your custom applications for a fraction of what it would take you to hire a full-time staff.

We will manage:

  • On going updates
  • Adhoc changes
  • Application optimizations
  • Data remediation (this ensures your data provides the intelligence you need)